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Point of "sale" stickers!

6 days ago 245 Views No comments

Being an online retailer ourselves, here at Avery WePrint we understand the value that new customers bring to a business. In today’s world, where almost everything is online, high street stores are fighting back and using different marketing techniques to draw the customers away from their computers and back into stores. One of the best ways to do this is by promoting a sale.

Branded Packaging Seals

18 days ago 7345 Views 2 comments

Product packaging is constantly evolving and plays a big part in defining your brand. Crafters and small businesses are constantly looking for cost sustainable solutions to brand their products with ease. Custom stickers are an excellent way to market your products and make an impression for your brand. In comparison to traditional marketing methods, they are a cost efficient and an effective way to spread brand awareness.

Labelling solutions for jam makers

3 months ago 2230 Views No comments

Are you aware of the ever growing consumer demand for homemade preserves? The food processing industry has started receiving a great deal of attention in the recent years. People are moving towards fresh, organic and homemade foods. The jelly making business can be initiated on a small scale with low capital investment. However, it has great potential to grow if key aspects such as branding are given importance.

Get creative with your Christmas wrapping- client diaries

3 months ago 719 Views No comments

If you are the kind of gift giver who puts in a lot of thought into making everything perfect for Christmas, this post can probably give you some innovative ideas into gift wrapping. They say that a gift is really as good as its wrapping paper and we truly believe that adding a touch of personalisation can enlighten a moment.

Plan your perfect wedding with WePrint

7 months ago 1258 Views No comments

Weddings are a memorable, joyous, comforting and fulfilling experience. We understand that wedding preparations can be an endless task to complete. At Avery WePrint, you can personalise your wedding invitations, stickers and cards in so many different ways. All it takes is a few simple steps to create your own design or select a pre-designed wedding template. We have created a few ideas that will inspire you to start designing your perfect product!

6 ways to ensure your craft products get noticed

11 months ago 2623 Views No comments

When you’ve taken the time to create something handmade to sell you will want to ensure you have the best tools to showcase your products. However, for a small or new craft business marketing budgets can be very tight.

Check out a few simple ideas that don’t need to break the bank.

How to use custom stickers in your business

1 years ago 1597 Views No comments

Do you remember stickers as a kid? Usually given out as a reward, we'd all be super excited to receive them. But, you can use stickers in your adult life, especially for your small business. Not sure how you can you use custom stickers in your business? We've got some tips for you.

Mums need reward stickers too!

1 years ago 800 Views No comments

Here at Avery WePrint, we love stickers. In fact, we often see our customers designing stickers as rewards for kids, especially at school. But after seeing this post on netmums, we realised there was a massive market that need reward stickers - Mums!

4 super quick ways to promote your business with Stickers

2 years ago 678 Views No comments

We're a huge fan of stickers at Avery WePrint. Stickers are a great way to begin promoting your business. Aside from its practical uses, stickers can be used as a branding opportunity or even creating branded freebies and promotional items. Stickers can also have a "fun" element for a lot of businesses too, and get your customers excited for a brand.

Create Custom Jam Jar Labels: A quick How-To

2 years ago 1331 Views No comments

One of the most popular functions of our white and clear polypropylene labels & stickers is as jam jar labels. The labels themselves are water resistant and apply well to glass. Plus with a range of shapes and sizes, your different jars are covered. The polypropylene labels have a plastic-type feel which can help colourful designs really stand out. Our bottle & jar labels are a great start when deciding on your perfect label.

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