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How to Choose the Right Label Shape for your Product

7 months ago

Choosing a shape for your label?

First things first: Measure the surface of your product and determine exactly what information you need to include. Then, refer to the information below for shape-specific details you can use to make a smart selection.

Consider a rectangle if ...

  • Your container is elongated (think tall and thin, or short and wide)
  • You’d like your label to wrap around, separating your logo and more technical info
  • Your logo is text heavy
  • You’re looking for moderate coverage or more design space
Ideal for boxed chocolates, canned goods, tubular containers, creams, mason jars, nutrition labels, drinks
Consider an oval if ...

  • You aren’t in need of a lot of surface space
  • You’d prefer minimal coverage
  • Your container is a bottle, jar, or fold-over bag
  • You’re aiming for a softer, more elegant aesthetic
  • Your logo is simple, with a minimalistic design that fits well within the oval shape
  • You’re looking to wrap text around the border
Ideal for baked goods, candles, jarred goods, oils, sauces, soaps, spices, drinks

Consider a square if ...

  • You want to include a lot of information (large square)
  • You’re looking for a pricing/ID label (small square)
  • Your logo is detailed or elaborate
  • Your logo will include a border
  • You’d prefer a more modern or sophisticated look and feel
  • Your container has a clear front and backside and you’d like to separate information
Ideal for dry foods, gift boxes, pricing, spirits, tea or coffee tins
Consider a round shape if ...

  • The surface of your container is curved
  • Your logo design is simple and compact
  • You need to display a moderate amount of information
  • You’re aiming for a more classic aesthetic
  • Your label will appear on a lid
  • Your label is doubling as a seal (think fold-over brown bags)
  • You’re advertising a promotion
  • You would like to add a smaller label for secondary messaging
Ideal for bagged goods, balms and creams, candles, drinks, sauces and jams

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