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Bottle Information

A bottle is nothing without the label. If you go into a supermarket or a local shop and look around there will be rows of bottled product and it’s up to the label to sell that product. Choosing the correct style and shape for your labels can have a pronounced effect on user experience and interaction with your product. Have a look below to see what makes a good label and how to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Why Are These Label Designs Successful?

Dry Gin / Cat Design

The reason for the successful nature of this label is to do with the visual stimulus that the audience receives when they see the cat (in most cases any animal will suffice). The text is clear and easy to read and the consumer isn’t overwhelmed by unnecessary imagery or information.

Shark Gin

People have a natural tendency to look at the centre of an object so the use of a border helps guide the eye to the relevant information. Placing important information closer to the centre can help maximise results! The Shark Gin label works well because it’s not overloaded in the centre and clearly displays branding, and if the consumer is intrigued they can then read the finer text underneath.

Fine Wine

What does this image show? Key ingredients to successful labels are relevancy and imagery/design, the logo here is a perfect example of those areas. First off the grapes are a perfect indication to what this product is; it doesn’t require the consumer to have to think too much about what this product is relating to. Also, having food on the label triggers our ‘Primal Instincts’ which helps to draw attention.

Design personalised bottle labels and get them printed

Are you looking for bottle labels for drinks or other products? Our premium quality bottle label printing always makes a great impression.

There’s such a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials at Avery WePrint, that you’re sure to find the right label for your bottles. Textured Cream Paper labels are perfect for drinks bottles because they’re mould resistant and hold their adhesive for longer when wet.

Clear or white plastic labels are a great wipeable option and Brown Kraft Paper labels made from 100% recycled materials will give your bottles a homemade, rustic look.

Pick from our Range of Bottle Label Materials


High quality white paper labels for long lasting use. Suitable for direct contact on non-fatty moist foods.


Durable white film labels that are permanent, easy to apply on flat surfaces and water resistant.

Textured Paper

Thick premium paper with an off-white colour which is long lasting and has water resistant properties.

Brown Kraft Paper

100% recycled material, this Kraft brown paper is great for adding a natural rustic look to products.


A clear durable material which makes colours and text stand out. Water resistant properties.


An outstanding waterproof material that is additionally temperature and chemical resistant.

Bottle Labels

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