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Custom Design Brown Kraft Labels

Brown Kraft Paper Labels

100% Recycled, The Organic Look

  • Premium printing
  • Quality light brown paper
  • Easy to apply. Medium adhesive. On A4 sheets
  • Commonly applied on paper with handwriting

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    Take-away food containers label

    Contain Yourself

    Brown Kraft Paper 100 x 47mm Matt

    Refilling toiletries & cleaning products in East Sussex and Kent

    Take-away food containers label

    HAI Cafe

    Brown Kraft Paper Round 40mm Matt

    Familiy run Vietnamese cafe in north east London

    Take-away food containers label

    LHG Lively

    Brown Kraft Paper Rectangle

    Face, Body and Bath Homemade Essentila Oil Blends

    Take-away food containers label


    Brown Kraft Paper 100 x 47mm Matt

    Label up your coffee, look the professional

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    Make your own personalised brown Kraft labels

    Are you a small business or individual looking to print your personalised brown Kraft paper labels? Whether you’re perfecting the recipe to your vegan chocolate brownies or finalising the logo for your organic candle range, we know how important it is that you get your packaging right the first time. That’s why our helpful team is on hand at all times to guide yours through your packaging process.

    Our brown Kraft label is made of 100% recycled material and is biodegradable. Many of our customers looking for an eco label find this a great choice. We find the organic recycled look is extremely well suited to the environmentally conscious consumer and a super trendy alternative to our more traditional material choices. By labelling your product in our brown Kraft labels you are telling your customer that you care about the environment, and they should too.

    Creating an elegant vintage look, our brown Kraft labels are also a perfect fit for the makers out there who are running a homemade or handcrafted business as they are a great way of delivering eco or thought-provoking messages, straight from the heart.

    Top tip

    The earthy base of our brown Kraft labels creates a beautiful healthy-looking canvas for a variety of colours, but we especially love it against metallic gold, copper and silvers. We also find that because of its homemade, feel-good nature, handwriting also helps to portray a truly authentic message.

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