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Personalised & Custom Plastic Jar Labels

Plastic Jar Labels

Make your plastic look fantastic

  • Delivery 3-5 business days
  • Premium printing
  • 10 shapes, 6 materials and 3 finishes
  • Easy to apply. Come on A4 sheets
  • Perfect for logos, product labels and messaging
Take-away food containers label

Chilli Tortilla

Paper Round 35mm Matt

Mexican burrito and taco bar that offer healthy food

Take-away food containers label

Kitchen Pickers

Paper Rectangle 100 x 47mm Matt

Optimised meal prep perfect for your slimming diet

Labels for candles

Mrs Brown Bakes

Paper Round 19mm Matt

Chocolate deserts to fill you right up

Our range of label materials

White Paper Label


White Plastic Label

Plastic (Vinyl)

Cream Textured Label

Cream Textured Paper

Kraft Paper Label

Brown Kraft Paper

Clear Label


White Waterproof Label


Biodegradable Biodegradable Biodegradable Biodegradable
Vegan Vegan Vegan Vegan Vegan Vegan
Durable Durable Durable Durable Durable Durable Durable
Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof

Make your own personalised plastic jar labels

Our professional customised plastic jar labels come with any design you choose. Many customers get in touch, looking for labels for plastic jars. First, we suggest considering if your plastic jar labels will come into contact with water. If your plastic jars will be submerged in water, ice and high level of moisture, then we recommend the waterproof label material. This is the hardest material in our range and it can take on all the elements easily without losing its position or for the ink to start running (the freezer, oven, ice). It should be noted all our materials are permanent on plastic surfaces and therefore long-lasting.

If your jar will not be submerged but still come into contact with water, you will suit our clear or plastic material labels. There two materials are hardy, clear look particularly good on clear plastic jars as you can see the contents behind the label. At the other end of the spectrum, we have three paper materials which are wipeable but not waterproof. This includes our cream textured paper, paper and brown Kraft paper. If you wish to add handwritten extras onto your label such as 'Self Raising Flour' then any of the paper range will be right up your alley and perfect for the job.

All our labels are entirely personalised to showcase your jars. Every label is professionally printed and delivered to your door in as little as three working days. Get in touch with our team if you need any help, we always enjoy hearing from our customers, we can even send you out our free and stuffed sample pack.

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