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Personalised Spice, Chilli and Herb Labels

Spices, Chilli and Herb Labels

Spice up your life

  • Delivery 3-5 business days
  • Premium printing
  • 10 shapes, 6 materials and 3 finishes
  • Easy to apply. Come on A4 sheets
  • Perfect for logos, product labels and messaging

Our range of label materials

White Paper Label


White Plastic Label

Plastic (Vinyl)

Cream Textured Label

Cream Textured Paper

Kraft Paper Label

Brown Kraft Paper

Clear Label


White Waterproof Label


Biodegradable Biodegradable Biodegradable Biodegradable
Vegan Vegan Vegan Vegan Vegan Vegan
Durable Durable Durable Durable Durable Durable Durable
Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof Waterproof

Make your own spice, chilli and herb labels

Are you a small business or individual looking to customise your own personalised spice, chilli and herb labels? We offer a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes to fit glass spice jars or a chilli sauce bottle or herbs. If you have a little jar, then look perhaps at a 30mm square label which you could put on the front. Maybe look towards our round logo labels if you're looking to add your design to the bottle top.

You might be interested in our 'tamper proof' labels. These have a round head and a long tail, place the label on the jar bottle top and stretch the long tail down the neck of the bottle. Tamper-proof labels are a nice way to upsell your products as you look professional and customers can trust the product is fresh and sealed. We have examples of seal labels, get in touch and we will happily send you a sample and some previous customer designs for inspiration or understanding.

We recommend you choose one of the waterproof labels if you think your product will come into contact with large amounts of water (see waterproof, clear or our plastic labels). Perhaps however waterproof resistant labels are not strictly necessary for your herbs and in that case please look at all out label materials (including the paper range) for your personalised paper labels. The cream textured label is particularly professional if you are selling your products at a higher price, you will stand out from your competitors.

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