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    Are you a small business or individual looking to print your
    personalised rectangle labels?

    Perfect your product with our versatile rectangle labels

    reactangle stickers

    • Rectangle labels are ideal for food and drink products as they look great wrapped around boxes, bottles and jars, they are also a popular choice for our candle, and craft customers
    • Many different sizes of rectangle to choose from to ensure if fits your product perfectly
    • Wide variety of the highest quality materials and finishes for you to choose from
    • Can be completely customised with your very own unique design
    • We use only the best adhesives meaning you can trust our rectangle labels to be both reliable and long-lasting
    • Whether you’re running small business or managing a corporate office, we try our best to cater for everyone with our low minimum, no maximum order quantity

    From homemade gingerbread scented candles to beautifully embellished jewellery boxes, the rectangle shape is one of the most versatile out there, making it a perfect addition to many different products and packages.

    Our customers love to use rectangle labels on wine and beer bottles, as well as mason and jam jars. We tend to find that our rectangle labels are particularly popular amongst our Etsy customers, as each and every label can be printed right to the very edge meaning you can make full use of the space with your beautifully bespoke design.

    Whether you’re looking to showcase promotional offers, business slogans or you need a large surface area to list ingredients, rectangle labels offer you that flexibility. Not only that, each and every label is personally checked by our passionate Avery WePrint team who are on hand to make sure you create the most perfect label for your product.

    Top tip

    The personality of your product will play a big role on the material you choose for your rectangle label. If your product has a sophisticated aura, we’d recommend choosing our white or clear plastics however if you’d like something more organic or rustic, our Brown Kraft Paper will suit your product perfectly.

    Pick from our Range of Rectangle Label Materials


    High quality white paper labels for long lasting use. Suitable for direct contact on non-fatty moist foods.


    Durable white film labels that are permanent, easy to apply on flat surfaces and water resistant.

    Textured Paper

    Thick premium paper with an off-white colour which is long lasting and has water resistant properties.

    Brown Kraft Paper

    100% recycled material, this Kraft brown paper is great for adding a natural rustic look to products.


    A clear durable material which makes colours and text stand out. Water resistant properties.


    An outstanding waterproof material that is additionally temperature and chemical resistant.

    Rectangle Labels

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    When people are looking to buy, top quality products stand out when they have crisp and united presentation. Personalised product labels are often a major part in how to convey who you are and why a customer should buy your product.

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    You won't be let down by our Avery labels, we have been printing labels for 80 years around the world. All our labels are made with premium Avery materials which are highly durable and long lasting, whether you choose paper or waterproof.

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