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    Are you a small business or individual looking to print your
    personalised Square Labels?

    Bring your product to life with our quality square labels

    • Our customers love using square labels to add the finishing touch to everything from homemade soaps, bath bombs and candles to coffee cups and cheeses
    • We use only the best adhesives meaning you can trust our square labels to be extremely reliable and long-lasting
    • Square labels are the perfect match for wedding favours, thank yous and other personalised products
    • It is a great shape for sharing ingredients and flavours with your customers
    • Lots of different sizes of square for you to choose from
    • Whether you’re a small business or a corporate office, we cater for everyone with our low minimum order quantity (and no maximum!)

    You’ve finalised your product and now you’re on the hunt for your perfect label, how hard can it really be? You’ll quickly find that there’s lots of different choices out there, but we’re here to make it as simple as possible. Square stickers are popular amongst a wide variety of our customers for many reasons, but mainly because they look fabulous on almost anything.

    Sharing your journey with the customer is a great marketing tool and our square labels allow you to do just that by providing a large surface area for you to catch the eye of the consumer. Use this space to share those mouth-watering homemade flavours, smells and ingredients with your customers.

    We’ve seen our square stickers stuck to everything from prosecco flavoured lip balms and pumpkin spice bath bombs through to chocolate honey and Indian spices. There’s no doubt they are an all-time favourite amongst our customers, when it comes to labelling homemade products.

    Top Tip

    In addition to homemade products, our square label also has the edge when it comes to wedding favours, thank yous and other personalised products too. Our customer feedback tells us that the square shape allows them to fit all of the information they need, whether it’s baby photos of the bride and groom, a story of how they met, or both together, with our square sticker the sky is the limit.

    Pick from our Range of Square Label Materials


    High quality white paper labels for long lasting use. Suitable for direct contact on non-fatty moist foods.


    Durable white film labels that are permanent, easy to apply on flat surfaces and water resistant.

    Textured Paper

    Thick premium paper with an off-white colour which is long lasting and has water resistant properties.

    Brown Kraft Paper

    100% recycled material, this Kraft brown paper is great for adding a natural rustic look to products.


    A clear durable material which makes colours and text stand out. Water resistant properties.


    An outstanding waterproof material that is additionally temperature and chemical resistant.

    Square Labels

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    When people are looking to buy, top quality products stand out when they have crisp and united presentation. Personalised product labels are often a major part in how to convey who you are and why a customer should buy your product.

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    You won't be let down by our Avery labels, we have been printing labels for 80 years around the world. All our labels are made with premium Avery materials which are highly durable and long lasting, whether you choose paper or waterproof.

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