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    Embrace your uniqueness with our straight oval stickers

    • • Straight oval stickers look wonderful on many products; however, bottles and jars are some of our favourites
    • • Choosing an interesting sticker shape such as our straight oval is an effective way of making a lasting impression
    • • Produced with a permanent adhesive which ensures your sticker lasts as long as you need
    • • Our online design tool can help you see exactly how your design will look on the sticker and allow to you experiment with different sizes
    • • Lots of materials and finishes for you to choose from to ensure our sticker matches your brand
    • • Order as little as you like or take advantage of our big discounts on large orders

    Is your brand all about standing out and being different? If so, our straight oval stickers could be the winning formula you’ve been looking for. Straight oval stickers are a trendy alternative to more traditional shaped stickers and just like regular oval stickers, they can help to create a strong visual awareness of your brand.

    Many of our Etsy sellers love to use straight oval stickers as they are a simple but effective way of differentiating themselves from competitors. Although they can be suited to almost any product (and we mean any!) we tend to find that they look great on bottles and jars, especially homemade jams.

    We want you to have the flexibility to embrace your creativity and design your sticker exactly as you want, which is why our online design tool gives you the blank canvas needed to pull your design together.

    Top tip

    Straight oval stickers in the portrait orientation work extremely well on bottles and offer something eye-catchingly different for customers. Need a little convincing? Why not take advantage of our sample stickers to ensure your design is just as perfect when printed, as it is through your computer screen!

    If you’re looking to make your own stickers,
    you’ve come to the right place

    We professionally print and deliver to your door in as little as three working days.
    Our personalised stickers are made with premium Avery quality materials with real care, we double check all sticker alignment before they leave the factory to you. Design your own personalised stickers by taking a few minutes to upload your own completed design or PDF or use our online design tool. Select the shape, size and material type you would like and order, finished. Relax.

    Customised Stickers

    Pick from our Range of Sticker Materials


    High quality white paper labels for long lasting use. Suitable for direct contact on non-fatty moist foods.


    Durable white film labels that are permanent, easy to apply on flat surfaces and water resistant.

    Textured Paper

    Thick premium paper with an off-white colour which is long lasting and has water resistant properties.

    Brown Kraft Paper

    100% recycled material, this Kraft brown paper is great for adding a natural rustic look to products.


    A clear durable material which makes colours and text stand out. Water resistant properties.


    An outstanding waterproof material that is additionally temperature and chemical resistant.

    We have completed a scientific study into the power of product labelling and created two detailed reports FREE for you to download.

    The reports cover everything from font styles to images, messaging and colours to help make your products get noticed.

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    Our easy website means you'll only need a few minutes to upload your logo or design from scratch and order. Finished! Relax.

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    Great selection of label shapes, materials and sizes all printed on sheet format making large and small quantities suitable.

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