Textured Paper Label Features

Premium off white material

Premium paper material

Ideal for bottle labelling

The perfect bottle label


Splash-proof properties

  • Can withstand temperatures between -20°C and +80°C
  • Suitable for direct food contact on dry and moist, non-fatty foods
  • High wet strength and mould proof which makes the labels last longer
  • Design can be customised by simply adding an image, logo or a PDF
  • Labels are printed using digital photo quality printing technology

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2400 labels £114.05 (60% saving)
4800 labels £182.47 (68% saving)
12000 labels £370.66 (74% saving)

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    Give your product the most premium finish with our textured cream paper labels

    • • Textured cream paper labels look great on vintage-look products such as jewellery, wine and cheeses. Also complements homemade products and gifts
    • • Heat resistant material withstanding temperatures between -20°C and +80°C, making them the perfect labels for products which may get hot such as candles and coffee cups
    • • Customise your creative design entirely, or choose one of our ready-made designs
    • • The high-quality thick material is water resistant, mould proof and finished with a permanent long-lasting adhesive
    • • Eye-catching material adding a touch of exclusivity to your products
    • • Order as little or as many as you need with no minimum or maximum order quantity and no pressure to bulk order

    Our textured cream paper labels live up to all expectations with their premium, high-quality and ornate look and feel. It’ no surprise that it’s a popular choice amongst our varied range of customers as the material creates a beautiful canvas for all kinds of thought-provoking messages, logos and ingredients’ lists.

    We know what it’s like to work in the creative business and how long crafting, perfecting ingredients and finalising products takes, that’s why we work closely with you to ensure that the material you choose is the best possible fit. We also know that you like to get creative, so we give you full design freedom with labels that print right to the very edge.

    If you’re looking for something a little bit luxury, you’re in the right place. Not only is the material water-resistant, ensuring that each label survives inevitable splashes, but our textured cream paper labels are also suitable for direct food contact on dry and moist (non-fatty) foods.

    Top tip

    Its luxury cream colour makes it a splendid choice for wine bottles, and other vintage-look products such as jewellery, cheeses, clothes and homemade products. The organic, recycled look is especially popular amongst some of our environmentally-friendly customers who want their material stand out from the crowd.

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    Common uses and applications

    Jam Jars

    Need an upgrade from the classic paper material? Antique white laid labels will help your packaging stand out and add a touch of exclusivity to your branding. These labels are conformable, water resistant, easy to apply and eye-catching.

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    Candles and Décor

    Antique white laid labels give your candles a sophisticated touch and a premium look and feel. The heat resistant properties ensure that the label doesn’t peel off and is long lasting. They are cost efficient which makes it ideal for small business.

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    Wine Bottles

    These labels are mainly used for wine bottle labelling because of the attractive texture and finish. The superior quality thick material is long lasting and has a permanent adhesive. We also offer low minimum order quantities for small production runs.

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    Benefits of Avery WePrint

    Low minimum order quantities

    We offer low minimum order quantities for labels

    Digitally printing technology

    Your labels are printed using digital printing technology

    Wide range of label materials and sizes

    Select from a wide range of label materials and sizes

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