Waterproof Label Features

Temperature resistant

Temperature resistant (-40°C to + 150°C)



Oil & chemical resistant

Oil & Chemical Resistant

  • Made using a thick Polyethylene film material that has a satin finish and is long lasting
  • The adhesive is certified for indirect food contact and toy safety
  • Labels remain adhered under sea water for at least 90 days (BS5609 Sec.2 certified)
  • The material is suitable for handwriting and is smudge-proof
  • Designs can be customised by simply adding an image, logo or PDF

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    Whet your customer’s appetite with our waterproof labels and waterproof stickers

    clear label

    • Waterproof labels work wonderfully when exposed to any kind of moisture, making them the perfect label for liquids, creams, and oil-based products, or those kept in refrigerators or freezers
    • Withstand temperatures between -40 and 150 degrees Celsius as well as both oil and chemical resistant
    • Each and every label and sticker is printed on the highest quality polyethylene and they are resistant to fading, scratching or tearing
    • The special protective laminate will make sure your carefully-crafted images, logo and text stay in spotless condition all year round
    • Our waterproof labels and stickers are produced with a permanent adhesive which is ideal for sticking on tubes, bottles, jars and plastic
    • Make use our helpful Avery WePrint team if you’re unsure whether or not our waterproof label is suitable for your product
    • With no pressure to bulk order, you can order as few waterproof labels as you like

    Whether it’s a homebrewing beer kit, a Mr & Mrs bottle of champagne for every table, or a selection of the most unique garden furniture we have the perfect label for you. It goes without saying that our waterproof labels are, well, waterproof. But just how waterproof are they, I hear you ask…

    Our waterproof labels and stcikers have been created to combat the most unique of environments. Withstanding temperatures between -40 and 150 degrees Celsius, our waterproof labels have been tried and tested, and we can assure you, they also look pretty perfect after being submerged in sea water for 90 days!

    Not only is the material tough, durable and perhaps most importantly, waterproof, we can guarantee that your unique design will look (and stay!) first class come rain or shine. Made from the highest quality polyethylene, our waterproof labels are resistant to any fading, scratching or tearing wet environments may cause.

    Top Tips

    Our waterproof labels and stickers are a great addition to a huge variety of products; however, we can confirm they are also oil and chemical resistant. If you’re looking to label cleaning products or other chemical-based products, this is the label for you. However, they are also the perfect choice for shampoos, lotions and cooking oils. If you’re unsure, get in touch with a member of the WePrint team who are on hand to ensure you get your label right first time round!

    Common uses and applications

    We know our waterproof labels are used on products which go in some harsh environments and we know they have a hard job to do.

    Waterproof Stickers & Labels - Common uses and applications

    Industrial use waterproof labels
    The material is perfect for industrial use, especially to label chemical containers. The temperature resistant properties ensure the label can be used on surfaces that are kept in harsh conditions.

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    Waterproof stickers for food packaging

    These stickers can be applied on glass, fibre, metal and painted surfaces which makes them ideal for product packaging. They are popular for use in cafes and restaurants to label bottles and jars.

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    Waterproof stickers for use in laboratories

    These stickers are wipeable and chemical resistant, which makes them durable and long lasting. They are used in laboratories and factories to label equipment.

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    Benefits of Avery WePrint

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    We offer low minimum order quantities for labels

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    Select from a wide range of label materials and sizes

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