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Sticky labels for glass

6 days ago 160 Views

Autumn can be a busy time of year if you’re into homemade produce. Bottling and packaging is a major job, whether you’re planning to sell at farmers’ markets or Christmas markets, or if you’re making gifts to give away.

How can you use labels to sell more of your handmade products?

6 days ago 5680 Views

Last month Avery UK revealed the true power of labelling and released their in-depth report which will help handmade businesses to sell more of their products. The scientific research covered product and shipping labels and highlighted that when businesses take the time to think about label design it can have a positive impact on sales, customer loyalty and even brand love.

White Underprint – How we print vibrant colours on clear labels

15 days ago 2179 Views

Are you looking for an elegant label that takes up as little space as possible? Our Clear Labels are the best solution to this problem. Made of clear film, they are see-through and therefore offer the most visibility out of all the Avery range, with an almost printed-on look.

That isn’t their only value, these labels are incredibly durable. They are water-resistant, and can withstand strong weather and UV rays. If you want to display your true product inside its packaging, these stickers are perfect for the job. They are most commonly used in the food and health & beauty industries, but they have many other applications, including promotional stickers and brand awareness.

We’re feeling the love for DIY Weddings

27 days ago 37283 Views

Today our very own digital marketing executive, Amy is getting married and, as well as wishing her all the best on her wedding day, we couldn’t resist sharing some of her amazing wedding stationery.

Making her own invites, save the dates, RSVP and gift cards was made easy as Amy focused on creating just one design using the WePrint software and then applied the design to different products. This meant she could simply edit the text and designs for each individual item. Being known for her organisation, Amy also created a personalised wedding planning binder so she could keep details of the big day in one place. Once the stationery was printed, Amy added her own handmade flair to pull everything together. We love how it all looks.

​3 ways to boost your business with custom ring binders

29 days ago 536 Views

We might do most of our work electronically these days, but we all still have paperwork to organise. You may also have instructions, samples, pictures and sales tools that need to be kept, distributed or presented to employees and clients.

Custom ring binders are ideal for storage and display because you can have your own logo, words, colours and designs printed on the outside. This not only helps with organisation, but also enables you to create a great impression.

​Create a brilliant ring binder in 5 easy steps

1 month ago 827 Views No comments

Make a great impression with high quality ring binders printed with your own designs. Custom ring binders are not just for organising your paperwork, they’re a wonderful way to keep and display special notes, pictures and samples for all kinds of purposes, from weddings, interior design and crafts, to school, college or business.

Four essentials to start the school year

1 month ago 508 Views

If you’re going to school, college or uni this autumn – or if you’re looking after someone who is, now’s the time to get ready. And if you’re a teacher with a classroom to kit out, or if you work in school or college admin, you’ll know just how important it is to be prepared before the academic year begins.

Running a small business – what you need to get started

2 months ago 945 Views

No matter how small your business is, it needs to look professional.

But when you’re starting out, it’s not always clear how to achieve that slick look – especially if you only have a fraction of the budget and resources that large companies have to spend on branding, packaging and stationery.

Do you need extra durable labels?

2 months ago 481 Views

At Avery, we go out of our way to make sure our labels are durable. But there are some circumstances where labels and adhesive need to be even tougher than usual!

Printed to impress

2 months ago 526 Views No comments

Labels are the key to making products and gifts stand out. First impressions count and new brands packaged with passion are making an impact around the world.

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