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Business cards for startups- client diaries

1 month ago 719 Views No comments

Being a freelancer the easiest way to find new clients and get new work is through word of mouth. Having limited marketing materials means the ones I do use need to make a really strong impression! Avery WePrint business cards were a really cost efficient way for me to get striking and professional looking cards.

Personalised candle labels

2 months ago 1377 Views No comments

There is a lot more to a candle’s label than meets the eye. Aside from burning quality, the label is the one chance that a candle maker has to communicate with the purchaser or the end user of the candle. A label is a very important aspect, and actually has a lot going on within that tiny piece of material on your finished product.

Treasure your children's artwork

2 months ago 1081 Views No comments

Do you children bring home endless pieces of artwork? From drawings to paintings how do you store all the masterpieces they create throughout their school life? Sarah used the Avery WePrint service to create a personalised binder to store her favourite designs and has shared her story.

Logo design tips for small businesses

2 months ago 15246 Views No comments

A great logo can be the centrepiece for most start up brands. Customers love products that are handmade as they signify passion and have a unique touch to them. In order for you to grow your brand and reach out to customers, we have put together some tips that will make your branding stand out in the long run.

Point of "sale" stickers!

2 months ago 1023 Views No comments

Being an online retailer ourselves, here at Avery WePrint we understand the value that new customers bring to a business. In today’s world, where almost everything is online, high street stores are fighting back and using different marketing techniques to draw the customers away from their computers and back into stores. One of the best ways to do this is by promoting a sale.

How your business can benefit from bespoke binders

2 months ago 2322 Views No comments

Making sure your paperwork is organised, in good condition and most importantly all in one place, the use of binders is a good champion for all three aspects. But surprisingly binders can also help promote your business also. For today’s blog Richard explains how they can be used as promotional tools.

Branded Packaging Seals

3 months ago 7944 Views 2 comments

Product packaging is constantly evolving and plays a big part in defining your brand. Crafters and small businesses are constantly looking for cost sustainable solutions to brand their products with ease. Custom stickers are an excellent way to market your products and make an impression for your brand. In comparison to traditional marketing methods, they are a cost efficient and an effective way to spread brand awareness.

Four quick ways to get your handmade products noticed

3 months ago 1008 Views No comments

One of the biggest successes a handmade business can have is adding a personal touch when sending out products. A little ‘thank you’ sticker placed on packaging shows your customers how much you appreciate their business. You could try our 40mm round labels for packaging your products. Simply upload an image or logo into the software and add “thank you” text for appreciation. It you are a marketplace seller, this little detail will catch the eye of the consumer and encourage repeat purchases.

Wedding invites for your special day

3 months ago 1368 Views No comments

Are you planning a wedding? If so you’ll need to give some thought for the wedding invitations. Real-Life DIY bride Amy has put together a fantastic blog on how she created her beautiful wedding invitations using Avery WePrint. As well as using WePrint cards she also cleverly adapted our folded business cards to make the perfect RSVP insert. This is a must-read for all DIY brides who want have custom printed wedding invitations.

Why business cards still matter...

4 months ago 941 Views No comments

In this digital age, you may wonder about the practicality of business cards and whether you should still invest in what may appear to be an ‘old’ method of exchanging contact details. For today’s blog Richard explains why business cards are still applicable and how it can make an impact to you and your business.

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