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Meet the expert: What should I know about labelling food products with allergen information?

13 days ago 178 Views

Julian Edwards has been a foodservice consultant for the last 21 years and has always added allergen protocols into catering tenders and operating specifications. In 2013, with the new Allergen Law on loose food looming, it was a natural step for him to help the hospitality industry with the development of a best practice standard for foodservice operators.

Get kitted out for Conferences and Business Events

13 days ago 132 Views

Most business people are finding that despite all the technology, there’s still no substitute for face-to-face contact and networking. That’s why conferences, exhibitions, seminars and networking events are such a valuable way to find new business contacts or strengthen existing relationships.

Business cards are an absolute must for any business event. And if you’re organizing conferences or exhibition stands, custom ring binders and sticky posters can make a lasting impression on delegates, guests and contacts.

Here are some of the ways you can make them work for your business.

How to create Custom Stickers

20 days ago 1582 Views

Are you getting ready for a sale? Do you need stickers that you can customise?

We’ve made it easier than ever to create professional looking, high quality stickers. Follow these 4 simple steps to make customised stickers just the way you want them.

Getting your Beer Labels right

1 month ago 288 Views

Home brewing and craft beers have really taken off in recent years. We’ve certainly noticed more people printing beer labels at Avery WePrint.

If you’re selling your beer to the public, getting your product labels right can be a delicate balance, whether you’re brewing beer as a business or as a hobby. Not only do you need the branding and design of the labels to work, there are also rules, regulations and best practice to take into account.

How to label health food products

1 month ago 444 Views

Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious and at Avery WePrint we've seen a rise in the number of orders for custom health food labels. All foods are subject to labelling regulations, so if your handmade products are for the more health savvy customer, then it’s essential to make sure you know what the rules are.

How to make your January Sale a Big Success

2 months ago 436 Views

Does holding a January sale make sense for your business? Whether you have your own shop or are selling through other people’s outlets, here are some tips for a successful sale using Avery We Print signage and labels.

Traditionally, January sales have made way for new stock. But you can also use a sale to attract new customers and increase sales, as well as encouraging loyalty and repeat business.

You’ll need to get prepared for the January sale before Christmas, so now’s the time to get started.

Online Design Tool – easier than ever

2 months ago 958 Views

We recently made some changes to the Online Design Tool to make it even simpler to use. So if you like to design your products yourself – or if you’d like to have a go – it’s now easier than ever to create designs with our online tool.

To get started, you just need to decide which Avery WePrint product you want to customise. The Design Tool lets you work on our full range of labels and stickers, business cards, cards, ring binders and laptop, tablet and phone skins, or labels for CDs and DVDs.

The Design Tool makes it possible to achieve a really professional look without adding designers’ fees to your costs!

How to be your own Graphic Designer

2 months ago 878 Views

If you follow these five tips, you can make designs that look even more professional. They’ll also help you get the reaction you want, whether you aim to grab attention, engage customers, give information or all three. The Design Tool is very simple to use. It also has some powerful features that are normally only available on expensive specialist software used by graphic designers.

8 tips for your pricing strategy

2 months ago 1104 Views

A quick word about pricing psychology. Your pricing strategy and price labels are part of how you position your brand. It affects how people perceive your product’s value and can persuade people to buy more.

Large retailers put huge resources into research and setting their pricing strategy. If you’re a small business, here’s how you can play that game too.

Are you ready for your Christmas gift sales?

2 months ago 20112 Views

Christmas is fast approaching, and we know this is a really busy time for a handmade business as consumers look for something a little different for a special someone.