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Branded Packaging Seals

8 months ago 8476 Views 2 comments

Anyone who has ordered from a small business appreciates the personal touches that business owners make to ensure their customers feel special. Even from discussions we’ve had in the office, we know that it’s attention to detail that people remember the most. Whether it’s a thank you card or a perfectly placed packaging seal with your company logo on, taking care to package parcels is a simple way to encourage further sales for your business.

With Avery WePrint you can give your packaging a professional, premium look. Take a look at the ideas and images below to see how we have used 40mm round paper stickers to seal and secure handmade products and packaging. Just make sure your logo or message stands out so your customers remember your business next time they want to order.

1) Handmade jewellery boxes

Craftsmen are known for having a passion in jewellery making and creating some unusual pieces. This art can be recognized by sealing jewellery boxes with “made by” labels which adds a touch of personalisation that is bound to be appreciated by your audience.

2) Home-made beauty products

Beauticians make handmade soaps and creams using luxury ingredients for it to be unique and special. These natural cosmetic products define simplicity and so does the classic packaging. Avery WePrint labels can be used to seal clear packaging that adds value to your brand.

3) Stitching and embroidery

The home industry has always been recognised by women who specialise in creating stand-alone pieces of knitwear, table cloths, cushion covers and other decorative items. In this example we have used recycled tissue paper to wrap up an embroidered scarf to go along with the home theme. The Avery WePrint sticker adds significance to the product by showing that it’s handmade using less resources and more creativity.

4) Freshly baked goodies

If you are a small food business that prepares cookies, breads, chocolates and other food related items at home, it is easy for you to win over clients with these mouth-watering goodies. Another easy way for you to spread the word is to use Avery WePrint stickers to seal paper bags. Your customers are likely to share these goodies with neighbours, colleagues and friends. A made by sticker will help them remember your brand and come back for more.

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Posted in: Labels & Stickers
Mr. Manou Muanda 7 months ago at 18:32
Hi there;
Yes; I spent few months developing small project in line with local NGO's to hep the unemployed singles and families alike.
Labeling being at the heart of h business model; your service will be much appreciated, especially if a discount can be applied to the first order from our customer Via CG Networks. Looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards
Avery WePrint 7 months ago at 10:10
Dear Mr Muanda,

Thank you for your interest in Avery WePrint. Our customer service team will be in contact to assist you with this.

The Avery WePrint Team

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